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.A cup of Arabic coffee

Arabic coffee (Arabian coffee) is according to some specialists the second coffee making method after the invention of coffee making in Ethiopia. The green coffee beans get dark roasted, and then they get ground with the addition of cardamom. Other spices like coriander are also used sometimes.

Cardamom is a quite expensive spice, used in Arabic coffee, with a rather strong aromatic fragrance. It is used for cooking, coffee and also in traditional medicine!

Arabic Coffee Preparation

Arabic coffee is prepared with the exact same way as Turkish coffee. You will need ground Arabic coffee, a Turkish coffee pot  (ibrik), water and a heating source. Ibriks are made in different sizes and usually from 1-cup size to 5-cup size. You can find traditional copper or brass ibriks, or the newer stainless-steel ones.

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First fill the ibrik with 3oz of water. After adding the water, add sugar to taste (if you like your coffee that way) and top it with a heaping teaspoon of finely ground coffee. Stir the coffee a bit. The coffee seals the narrow top creating an oven-like effect.

Put the coffee on LOW FIRE (you can also use your stove or even better the traditional HOVOLI, which uses sand to heat the coffee slower). As the coffee heats it will start forming a foam layer, on top, which looks like a ring. As soon as the crema-foam ring increases its width, and fills the top layer turn off the fire and lift the ibrik. Pour the coffee slowly into a small demitasse cup and it's ready for savoring .

Pay special attention to the foaming. If you fail to remove the coffee pot from fire on time, the coffee mixture will foam up quickly and it will get spilled everywhere! Be careful to not let this happen!

Serve Arabic coffee along with a glass of fresh water and a small desert for your friends. The turkish delight desert is perfect for pairing!

Advanced: There is an advanced method of lifting and lowering the ibrik continuously while it starts boiling, to increase the amount of crema/foam. Just don't overdo it or you'll get bitter over-extracted coffee!

If you want more cups just multiply dosage ie for 2 cups use 6oz water and 2 teaspoonfuls of Arabian coffee.

Arabic Coffee Making Video

Here is a special video showing how to make Arabian and Turkish coffee. Arabic coffee is almost always sold ground, so you can skip the grinding part.

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